Charlotte Entrepreneur Series


By: Myles Williams

An entrepreneur is typically an ambitious executive with a vision to become their own boss, yet, this venture comes with a high risk, high reward tradeoff. The successful entrepreneurs deserve to be commemorated for their perseverance and determination along this difficult journey. This new series covers successful business owners in the Charlotte area with the intent to bring attention to entrepreneurial endeavors within several industries.


Davon Bailey, Media Arts Collective

Our first entrepreneur that we’re covering today is Davon Bailey. Davon is the founder of Eat.Work.Play 24/7, a media platform that connects millennials of Charlotte with local businesses. EWP covers criteria such as work, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, exercise, and arts & culture. Davon has created platform that can help Charlotteans improve various aspects of their lives. This central location for information makes life easier for the residents of this area. Davon has worked endlessly to create a project that serves the Charlotte community by presenting relationships and content that can be essential to many people.


Dr. Joshua Courtney, TrueLearn, Inc.

Our next Charlotte entrepreneur is Dr. Joshua Courtney, Founder and CEO of TrueLearn, Inc. As a licensed Anesthesiologist, Dr. Courtney is passionate about helping future healthcare professionals along their journey. TrueLearn, Inc. is devoted to helping physicians prepare for their licensure exams. The services offered by this platform have proven to provide better outcomes on these standardized tests. Dr. Courtney’s vision is for physicians to reach their full potential without being restrained by low test scores. Not only is he making a difference throughout Charlotte, but TrueLearn’s services are being utilized throughout the country. 


Amish Shah, ReKTGlobal, Inc. and Rogue Sports

Another interesting entrepreneur of Charlotte is Amish Shah. Amish is an experienced investor that has founded several companies. He has a history of venturing into the esports industry with his involvement with companies such as The Drone Racing League and Gameco. His most recent projects include ReKTGlobal, Inc. and its parent company, Rogue Sports. These companies are significant in the esports industry; they cover games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, FIFA, Apex, and more. With several streams of income, Amish has proven himself to be a successful entrepreneur in the Charlotte area.  

Successful entrepreneurs often display a few common traits which include a lack of fear to fail, persistence through the struggles, and a willingness to learn along the journey. These executives also have a mission to benefit their clients by bringing them joy and making their lives easier, similar to the vision of Bogues Consulting Group. BCG has worked diligently to empower others and promote the brands of their clients. These businessowners seem to make the well-being of their customers a top priority which has resulted in prosperity. These entrepreneurs mentioned are just a few successful businessowners who are significant in the Charlotte area. We look forward to promoting more executives in the future.

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