3 Ways Businesses Can Use Events to Recruit Top Talent


No matter how you look at it, the pandemic changed our way of living forever. It’s had a significant impact on the way we work. It showed senior leaders we actually can get things done without a “butts in seats” philosophy and introduced us to a true hybrid lifestyle between virtual (or digital) and IRL (in real life). 

COVID triggered an unprecedented churn in the job market. As we look to 2023, some companies are still reeling from the sting of the great resignation of 2020. The nation’s “quit rate” reached a 20-year high last November. A new Pew Research Center survey finds that low pay, a lack of opportunities for advancement, and feeling disrespected at work are among the top reasons Americans quit their jobs last year. The survey also finds that those who quit and are now employed elsewhere are more likely than not to say their current job has better pay, more opportunities for advancement, and more work-life balance and flexibility.

From working with our clients, Jaclynn, Managing Partner, says, “Manpower is one of the top pain points. With headcounts shrinking and responsibilities increasing, now more than ever, it’s time to get creative with recruiting and retention.” In-person events are back and remain one of the most effective ways to recruit top-tier talent. 

Here are 3 Innovative Recruiting Event Examples that blew us out of the water and got BIG RESULTS!


AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions 

Ask Me Anything Sessions have become quite popular in the world of recruiting. These informal virtual sessions with the CEO or other senior leaders offer transparency and a look into the company culture. 

As a best practice, your AMA should zero-in on a specific topic. For example, if you have a high volume of applicants interested in a particular role, ask a recruiter to moderate a session with the hiring manager to field questions about the interview process, hiring timelines, benefits, and team culture

 Pro tip: come prepared with a list of FAQs to help get the conversation going in case the conversation slows down.

To get some ideas of what this looks like in action, watch this AMA with Nestlé USA’s CEO Steve Presley: Ask Me Anything: Nestlé USA CEO Steve Presley

Key takeaways:

  • AMAs are a great engagement opportunity
  • Pick the right moderator and subject matter expert (SME) or leader
  • AMAs can be used for internal and external audiences


NBA Hackathon

Photo Credit: Melissa Sulewski


Sports aren’t all about athleticism. Hackathons present a unique type of sport that focuses on mental strength rather than physical and requires a computer, not a basketball. For two years, the NBA hosted a hackathon to attract college students to contribute to developing analytical tools to overcome the challenges in the NBA. Teams work for 24 hours before they present their work to a panel of judges, NBA personnel, and the media. The grand prize includes lunch with NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and a trip to the NBA All-Star Game.

Hackathons are a fantastic way to predict how a candidate will perform by having them complete a task before hiring. These types of competitions have evolved from a way for a company to interactively showcase a product to the public to an effective recruitment campaign.

Key Takeaways

  • Hackathons showcase the potential of candidates.
  • Participants find solutions to your business problems.
  • An attractive prize can help pull in participants.


LEGO Brick Factor

Legoland Discovery Centre


The LEGO Brick Factor is a national competition held by LEGO of 100 competitors, tasked with completing three building challenges to earn the title of Master Model Builder at a Legoland Discovery Center. Winners are hired on the spot!

The challenges ask the builders to create pieces based on prompts such as “build something from your favorite book.” There’s no better way to see if a candidate can be successful at a job than hosting an event where they can prove just that!

Key Takeaways:

  • Competitions can find hidden talent.
  • Events not only attract new talent. They can be a fun event for the public, that boosts brand awareness.
  • Giving candidates tasks they would need to complete in an actual work environment is a great way to test compatibility and capability

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