Holiday Wishes from BG!



The holidays are finally here and for many, this is a wonderful time of year. Though 2020 has been full of  surprises and difficulties, we are hopeful that your holidays will be filled with joy. This is such an important time to reflect, give thanks, and spread love to those around us. What better way to do so than with a fun gift exchange. A gift exchange can be done between two or more people, within a friend or family group, or even strangers. There is no right or wrong way to this but there are several different versions. 

One of the most popular, Secret Santa, is when a group of people scramble their names and each person draws another, keeping that name to themselves and themselves only. Once they have their person, they will purchase a gift and when the day comes for everyone to exchange, all participants guess who picked whom. Secret Santa is super fun due to the anonymity between the people involved and it is always nice to see who really knows you based on what they give. 

Want to celebrate the holidays or a special occasion while also staying safe? Good news, Bogues Group has got you covered! BG and Keeping Events Epic have partnered up to offer some wonderful event experiences. Whether big or small, a Tablescape might be just what you have been looking for.  These intimate dinners and events are designed with luxury in mind.  How does it work? After submitting an inquiry for services, our team will design and tailor a  tablescape to the occasion of your choice. We will also coordinate any other specific requests, including music, ice sculptures, photographers, and more! If you enjoy fine dining and want to comply with the COVID-19 guidelines without the worry of dining in public, this could be a great way to get that experience in the comfort of your own home. Not only could it be the perfect surprise for that special someone in your life, it is suitable for any type of intimate occasion. With everything happening in the world, it is still so important to show love to one another and still have ways to celebrate safely.

This holiday season has definitely come quick but there’s no need to panic, BG has a perfect last-minute gift idea for your favorite girl boss or girl boss in training, the C-Suite Directory! The C-Suite Directory is a compilation of personal and professional development resources designed to support and empower women pursuing the C-Suite and women entrepreneurs. This directory is perfect for girl bosses whether they are getting started or just need some extra resources. What better gift to give than the gift of knowledge? You don’t want to miss this! 

Be sure to enjoy each other this holiday season, and happy gift giving! For more information on how to purchase the C-Suite Directory, click here.

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