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Brittney Bogues
Bogues Group, Owner
Brittney is a young woman on the rise who is passionate about educating and informing young women of the importance of self. She is the former CEO of All In Public Relations which she established on the principles of publicity, event planning and the evolving world of electronic media. Brittney’s “Go Hard or Go Home” leadership has given her the edge in placing her former clients in the publications that matter. ESPN, GQ, USA Today and TIME are just a few of the top tier media outlets that Brittney’s clients have called home. A graduate of Wake Forest University, Brittney’s sports pedigree runs deep and she has managed strategic partnerships and event planning for several pro-athletes, corporations and nonprofits.

Now, Brittney is focused on Public Affairs and strategic PR. With her history of working at the only Domestic Violence shelter in Charlotte, she crafted messages, public policy, advocating and fundraising which prepared her for the ultimate goal of lobbying. In addition, Brittney is a sitting member on the Wake Forest University Charlotte Executive Board and Muggsy Bogues Family Foundation. Brittney is passionate about living life to the fullest, helping others and always doing so with intention and a welcoming smile on her face.

Brittney’s Track Record:

  • Produced over 250 event activations in different cities (NYC, DC, CLT and New Orleans)
  • Annually raised $100,000 or more for nonprofits
  • Secured media placements in TIME, USA Today, ESPN, Slam, CNN, GQ and Forbes as well as several local and regional pieces.
  • Published first op-ed in The Huffington Post, July 2017
  • Elevate Lifestyle: 30 Under 30
  • Charlotte Agenda: 30 Under 20
  • Cover of South Park Magazine for “9 Entrepreneurs You Should Know”
  • Charlotte Magazine mention in More Powerful People issue
  • PRSA Award Recipient
  • Political Campaign work for Charlotte City Council member Larken Egleston and District Attorney Spencer Merriweather
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council Member

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