Summer Intern Spotlight: Brittney Woods



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Bogues Consulting Group intern Brittney Woods is a 22 year old Marketing Innovations major from Richmond,Virginia. Brittney attends the University of North Carolina Charlotte and is currently in her senior year. Brittney is involved in many extracurricular activities such as Women in Business, a club which provides career driven activities to empower undergraduates to achieve personal and professional goals within the business market. She is an active member of Elevation church in Charlotte, NC and recently returned from studying abroad in London, England.

Brittney is an experienced intern, Bogues Consulting Group is her fourth internship. Previously Brittney Interned at Elevation Church, a digital marketing firm called Tiny Horse and a start up wine company Emmit Wines. During those internships she has held positions such as project manager, events coordinator and social media manager. Brittney learned about Bogues Consulting Group through the Director of Development at KIPP, a non-profit charter school and BCG client. 

When asked about her short and long term goals, Brittney said: “My short term career goal is to become a project manager at a startup digital marketing firm. I would want to be a part of a company that is passionate about their work and driven by innovation. My long term goal is to start my own company combining my two favorite things: fashion and giving back. I would love to create a product or service that would give back to others. These types of companies are usually called pay it forward, similar to a company like Toms or Giving Key.” So far, Brittney has enjoyed her time at Bogues Consulting Group. As a marketing major, she has learned a lot from the events department since she is less experienced in that area. “Gaining experience in events will make me a more well rounded candidate when applying for jobs in the future,” Brittney says. In the second half of the internship, Brittney will transition to the Communications Team and looks forward to learning more about analytics tools, including Hoot Suite and Sprout . 

Brittney’s hobbies and interests include reading, listening to podcasts, traveling and volunteering at her church. Some of her favorite podcasts include “How I built this” and “Girlboss Radio” because she draws motivation from stories about how successful entrepreneurs got started. Her favorite genres of music includes pop, rap and r&b, currently Bazzi is one of her favorite artists. If Brittney could have one superpower she would choose telekinesis because she loves the idea of being able to move things with her mind.

When asked the question “how would you like to be remembered when you’re gone?” Brittney said this, “I would want to be remembered for the greater impact my life had. I want to be remembered for the people I was able to help and the good I was able to do in the world”.

There is no doubt we are glad to have an Intern like Brittney and look forward to monitoring her growth over the summer.

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