Summer Intern Spotlight: Christopher Petty


For most people, summer is the time for vacation and spending time with loved ones you may not see often. For college students, summer is the time for internships and gaining experience to take your career to the next level. Although COVID-19 and other social issues arose in early 2020, Christopher Petty still had one goal: obtain a summer internship. Christopher’s original plan was to purse a single internship and instead he acquired two. He decided to fully throw himself into an internship with BCG. Why you may ask? The answer for Christopher was simple. You don’t see a successful black-owned company with a diverse staff everyday.

It’s important to feel like you belong in an environment, especially when the world continuously tells you that you don’t belong. After heeding his professor’s recommendation and conducting independent research, Chris realized BCG made an impression on him. Though this is the first time Chris has worked with public figures, his previous internships allowed him to work on videography and hosting projects in-person, but behind the scenes managing technical tasks. Now, Chris research prospective clients and potential sponsors for BCG. Other assignments include brainstorming ideas for case studies and conducting competitive analyses.



With the new global landscape, Chris initially found remote work difficult. “Learning the tools and technologies BCG uses was the most challenging aspect of the job. I’d never heard of Basecamp or Hubstaff before,” Chris says. “Fortunately, I could work with the team to become more organized. Though we all work remotely, it is very easy to connect with everyone because of how open and easily accessible the team is.” Though it is challenging to work from home, Chris still learns the skills required to succeed in a career in public relations and marketing.

One of Chris’ favorite aspects of the internship is the teamwork. BCG’s scheduling tools coupled with time management skills learned in college, Chris has found the systems easy to work with and is grateful for the learning experiences.

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