Why Cannabis Brands Need Public Relations


The job of public relations is to connect your brand with your audience in an authentic and organic way. CBD brands can benefit from PR because it helps with education and awareness — which helps shape perception. Why is shaping perception important to these brands? Currently consumers are the most educated in history and have more brand options at their fingertips with access via the internet. Consumers rely heavily on reviews and word of mouth referrals typically from a friend or someone they follow on social media. People get their information from their networks so getting the right information to the ideal customer is more vital now than ever. 

Why should #cbd brands care? 

The CBD product industry is rapidly expanding as more are looking for ways to treat pain. CBD/ Cannabis brands should care because of the often misunderstanding around the CBD and cannabis industry. The solution to this dilemma is education and building brand loyalty which in turn creates trust and credibility. Businesses looking for sustainability need brand loyalty, likability and credibility.   

Here are 5 specific ways CBD/Cannabis companies can benefit from PR: 

  1. Helps to build trust and credibility which creates loyal CBD/Cannabis customers
  2. Communicating with CBD/Cannabis industry employees 
  3. Crisis Communication = Brand Protection PR 
  4. Becoming a CBD/ Cannabis industry thought leader 
  5. Leveraging the power of PR and marketing

Helps to build trust and credibility which creates loyal CBD/Cannabis customers

How much do you know about your customers? Are they Boomers, Millennials, Gen X? Are they outdoorsy? Do they know what CBD is used for? What media do they read, watch, and listen to? Which social media channel would you use to reach these audiences? And what would you say to them if you got their attention? Public relations helps you answer all these questions, and more, to help you create messages that will resonate with your target audiences. 

Communicating with CBD/Cannabis industry employees 

You’ve got a great product, a solid distribution plan, and paying customers. Can your employees explain what goes into your product? Can they answer questions about the potential uses without running afoul of FDA regulations? Do your employees have questions about your process or community initiatives at work? Public relations can help you develop a communications plan to keep your most important asset- your employees- informed, ready to communicate with your customer, and in compliance with the latest regulations.

Crisis Communication = Brand Protection PR 

The CBD industry is so new and changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Are you in compliance with your ingredients, packaging, labeling? Do you know what you can say about your products’ benefits without triggering an FDA warning letter? Do you worry about your content getting flagged on social media? What if something goes wrong with your product or one of your suppliers? A well-designed crisis communication plan- we call it a Brand Protection PR™ plan– can help you develop a reservoir of goodwill from your consumers and forecast, prepare and protect your business from the unexpected so you can react quickly and so you can sleep at night. 

Becoming a CBD/ Cannabis industry thought leader 

You’ve developed an innovative and sought-after product. You’ve created a thriving business in an exciting new industry. You’re navigating the changing regulatory landscape with ease. Doesn’t that sound like someone who should be at the top of the media’s list when they need an interview about CBD? Public relations can help you lay the groundwork for becoming a trusted source for the media and a networked leader in your industry.

Leveraging the power of PR and Marketing

Think of public relations and marketing as two sides of the same coin: they build on and complement each other. Public Relations builds and protects your reputation which helps market your products because we know that people buy from companies they know, like, and trust. Now that you’ve identified your target audience and crafted targeted messaging to reach them, developed a group of advocates and developed goodwill, incorporated branding protection to make the most of your hard work, you’re ready to harness the power of putting public relations and marketing together to achieve your business success goals.

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