Top 5 Places in CLT to get a Burger #NationalBurgerDay


May 28th was National Hamburger Day, and it’s also considered International Burger Day. So, you know Bogues Consulting Group had to get in on all of the delicious burgers that Charlotte, North Carolina has to offer. Our CEO, Brittney Bogues reached out to her Instagram followers and ask to vote for the top 5 places in Charlotte to get a burger and these were your winners:

1. Cowbell Burger & Whiskey Bar

2. The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

3. Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

4. Luna’s Living Kitchen (for the meatless burger)

5. Bang Bang Burgers






The Elvis Burger

The first photo is from Cowbell and it’s called The Elvis Burger— so delicious and filling makes you want to dance like Elvis. Beef patty, onion bun, mild cheddar, mustard, lettuce and ketchup to seal the deal. 

Reviewed by COO, Ty Bogues

The Traditional Bento Box with a mini Burger

Hands down one of my favorite places in CLT to eat is Cowfish because it combines my love of sushi and burgers under one roof. On National Burger day it wouldn’t be right to not have my traditional bento box with a mini burger, sweet potato fries and sushi! 

Reviewed by COO, Ty Bogues

The Bad Ass Burger

This burger lives up to the hype, although make sure you have an appetite! Now we know it’s National Hamburger Day but we had to add cheese (because cheese is life). This 10 oz. custom blend premium beef patty comes with lettuce, tomato, buttermilk fried bacon, horseradish mayo, pickles, and house made American cheese. 

Looking for something to wash this large burger down with? Bad Daddys Burgers actually had their own Bad Daddy’s Amber Ale brewed by Full Sail Brewing Company 

Reviewed by Marketing Director, Megan Miller

The Fire and Brimstone Burger

For national burger day I went to Luna’s Living Kitchen & got the Fire and Brimstone Burger… and it was surprisingly delicious! Light and refreshing but filling, definitely a must try.

FIRE & BRIMSTONE BURGER – gluten-free quinoa-millet veggie burger, chipotle sunflower seed hummus, tomato, red onion, guacamole, brimstone sauce, choice of bun or collard leaf wrap with sprouts, served with your choice of side

Reviewed by CEO, Brittney Bogues

The Signature Bang Bang Burger

I got the signature Bang Bang burger and it was quite delicious. This was a classic burger with American cheese and an optional side of pickles onions lettuce and tomatoes to top as you see fit along with their signature Bang sauce. The burger itself was good but simple, it’s the sauce that gives it the extra something you can’t find at any old burger place. Reminiscent of a thousand island sauce with a little something extra, this sauce took the burger from ordinary to extraordinary!

Reviewed by Director of PR & Events, Jacqui Wahl

Did your favorite place to get burgers in Charlotte not make the list? Mention us on Instagram @boguesconsultinggroup and we’ll make sure to stop by and give it a proper #nationalburgerday shout out!

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