Fear and Faith


Owner of ‘Bogues Consulting Group’, Brittney Bogues, discusses how her business started and the steps she had to make to overcome fear in her ‘Fear and Faith’ video on YouTube. Religion is one of those taboo subjects that invites reluctance in many conversations being had across the nation. Fully aware and accepting of the fact that people of all walks of life have different beliefs and lifestyles. Brittney expresses her personal journey of getting back to God and the challenges behind taking further steps towards her faith. There was a period in her life where she felt a longing for God so, step by step, she started to put the pieces of her life back together and reaffirm her faith by attending church, reading scripture and integrating faith into all facts of her life. In what seems to be one of the most poignant moments in the video is when she confers a moral code for having every action follow with a reaction. Somewhere along the line she found herself stuck at a job where she wasn’t filling her potential and subconsciously battling signs of depression and weight gain. 

After, a sermon from her pastor about relinquishing fear, her spirit dove into a deeper understanding of what was holding her back. As she touches on in the video, Fear is designed to push the envelope in one self to thrive towards your wildest hopes. Now, that doesn’t mean get crazy—I don’t want to see anyone swallowing Tide Pods as a blind attempt. Just saying, be the person you wish to be in the world. So, with her new knowledge that God doesn’t want fear to consume her; Rather, propel her to leap out on faith knowing greater things are to come. Brittney believed in her destiny and when she started to put her faith in God, she decided to quit her job and go back to what she loves—Public Relations. Fast forward to today, she is one of Charlotte’s ’50 Most Influential Women’ according to the Mecklenburg Times. She is a woman, a daughter, a Franchise owner, an entrepreneur. A trailblazer. But let’s not mince words. Although, she’s due for a pat on the back, let’s get back to the moral of the message. Never let fear consume you or hinder you from chasing your dreams.

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