Why is it Important to Have a Mentor in Business?


BCG just wrapped our first annual What’s In a title? Csuite Experience mobility panel event featuring an all female lineup. One of the topics discussed was mentorship and the important role it can play in career planning.

As business professionals, you might think you know everything or have the answers to every possible challenge that is thrown your way, but unfortunately you don’t. That is why mentors are around, to guide, and help through some of the most difficult things at work. Some aspects a mentor can help with is improving upon your soft skills such as communication, networking, and decision making. They offer ideas as far as strategy and help with progression and promotion in your career. They could also assist you in the simplest things whether it being how you feel for the day or dealing with co-workers.

            A mentor is someone who keeps you level-headed in your professional journey and even give you direction when your lost. This person acts as a career coach that in some way will help you close the gap between your career and professional development growth. Mentorship can help your overall career achievements, in the beginning of your career and even later. As a mentee you want to make sure your investing in as much time and effort to make the relationship effective and valuable as possible. This way it would be a two-way exchange of knowledge and professional development is achievable.

            When looking for a mentor you want to establish a method so that you choose appropriately and wisely. You want to find someone within your profession or closely related or aligned in what you do. That way they can know and understand what it necessary and needed for your business to grow and reach success. It is most likely expected to reach out to someone older than you that has more experience and leadership capabilities but don’t hesitate to consider a peer to be your mentor. Although they are younger, it is helpful to know you have someone by your side that you can easily relate to and vice versa.

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