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In the year of the “Woman”, we are coming together and realizing that women can do and be anything especially when we unite. The idea of women having to be content in mid-tier careers to maintain a work-life balance is a concept of the past that we are trying to alter in today’s society. Women now hold 25% of the five crucial C-Suite positions but make up 47% of the workplace, which is not a good representation. Of that 25% only 6% of those are holding CEO spots and 2% are women of color. This sparked the vision behind the C-Suite Experience Event, a call to action for all women climbing the corporate ladder and those who are taking on their own entrepreneurial ventures.


Woman-owned Bogues Consulting Group hosted the first annual panel discussion event where we brought together some of Charlotte’s top C-Suite women to discuss how we can empower and work together to create a more accurate representation of women in the C-Suite. During our discussion we heard from four well decorated and established C-Suite women about their journeys and advice on growing our careers while thriving as women. The four amazing panelists were Dee Dixon, CEO of Pride Magazine, Jennifer Appleby, President & CCO of Wray Ward, Gigi Dixon, SVP, Sr. Director of External Relations for National Constituents, and Tera Black, COO of Charlotte Checkers. Also apart of the all female lineup were Host, Ms. Jessica from Power 98, a media correspondent, Meredith Dean, founder of Dean’s List and a moderator Corri Smith Owner of Black Wednesday. The goal of this annual event is to increase 5% of women in leadership roles in 10 years with the long-term goal of creating a fund for training and development for women in business. It was a sold-out event with over 50 women and men in attendance. Over 100,000 digital impressions, 550 link clicks, 100% of attendees said the event and conversation was needed and 99% of attendees said they gained an actionable takeaway from the event. Stay tuned for details for next year’s C-Suite experience.

In case you missed it here are some key topics, quotes and takeaways from the event:

·      The importance of having a male mentor/sponsor, having a strong spouse by your side who’s willing to be the star at home parent

·      How race is an important aspect and that women of all colors and cultures must stand together

·      Tera Black quoted the famous quote “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women” It can be lonely at the top but if your support system is strong and set lofty goals go after them

·      Always run toward the projects that others run from and be sure to practice self-care

·      Do not listen to the negative energy- G. Dixon 

·      Humility. Asking for help. Not being afraid to admit your mistakes. Asking for more responsibility- J. Appleby 

·      Have a good banker, lawyer and accountant if you want to start a business- J. Appleby

·      Travel and get as much education as you can. D. Dixon

·      Set audacious goals for yourself. If you think I can’t do it, just watch this. T. Black

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