Interview with Megan Miller, Director of Marketing



Each marketing role and team measures success differently. Some marketers are simply judged on the quality of their work and others have quarterly goals. What techniques do you use to measure the quality of your work?  What steps do you take to ensure the desired quality is achieved?”

I like to measure my quality of work through market research after each campaign and utilize the data to see where opportunities exist and which elements worked best.

What are the most important skills you have learned that you would utilize in this position?

Strategic Problem solving (everyday!), Patience, Time Management, & Organization.

What is your greatest personal struggle or limitation in supervising others? Can you give me an example of a time when you overcame one of your limitations and resolved a problem?

I struggle with delegation in my career. I constantly think of myself as a one woman show and try to take on more than I can chew. By delegating projects, you can put more of your strengths to the projects verse doing all the tasks at 50%. Currently I have been utilizing time block strategies and making an execution plan for everything I take-on so I can see how to best delegate the smaller tasks and my teams strengths.

What were your content promotion strategies for previous projects you have worked on?

While working with Opera Carolina, we identified a need for new publicity outlets. When it comes to performing arts the trend in press coverage is becoming limited. In an effort to bring in new audiences and increase press coverage, we developed a new program that invites local influencers, bloggers, and reviewers to the final dress rehearsal to live post on their social media channels their thoughts on the performance. We noticed a huge influx in millennial attendance since the start of this program. Our digital impressions increased by over 30,000 and our local reach expanded our normal network.

This type of revolutionary thinking also expanded to other opera companies across the country and other arts organizations in the local Charlotte area. Opera Carolina has been running this program now for 5 years and our tweet seat program has now doubled in size and is continuing to drive ticket sales to new opera goers.

In your own words, what is the goal of marketing?

The purpose of Marketing is to get the word out and be authentic with your brand. Everyone is sick of the bait and switch so if your brand is real and authentic you will attract the right audience.

What advice would you give to a beginner entering the marketing industry?

Be prepared to work. Put in the time and you will reap the benefits. Also, always take advice and be willing to listen to everyone, you can learn something from everyone whether they report to you or you report to them..

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