2020 PR Trends



When public relations first came on the scene in the early 1900s, it was originally based simply on most companies wanting to get their name in the newspaper. As it evolved, it became a sophisticated approach to creating the right message targeted to the right audience in the right way. This resulted in companies seeking public relations to mold how their consumer viewed their brand. 

Fast forward to 2020.  With a variety of ways we communicate, PR has morphed and now crosses boundaries with digital, advertising, marketing and more. With social media being at the TOP of its game.  Those in the PR field have had to strategize and relearn how to manage public image and maintain stability when working with the public and certain clientele.


The trends in 2020 will be geared towards developing better relationships with clients, fellow journalists, and online influencers. Social media presence is imperative as it gives a connection between the brand and the consumer. According to new data, digital storytelling is what the future holds. Digital storytelling gives a sense of the real person behind the brand. Public relations has evolved drastically.  While the delivery methods may have changed, the underlying definition has not, it’s truly all about the story.

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