Maximize Your Social Media Presence while you’re in Quarantine



We are in such an interesting time in world history when most of us are spending our time social distancing and looking for extra things to occupy our time. This quarantine has the ability to serve as a cocoon for those who maximize this time we have in the home, allowing us to blossom when we are ready to end our “WFH” lifestyle. So, after we’ve finished reorganizing our shoes and mastered a routine of being our best version of top chef, Instagram fitness trainer and the world’s best teacher all in one, what’s next? 

We find ourselves back in that familiar place, getting lost in our Instagram feeds and following up on the latest twitter feud. We’ve all been there, and “there” is right on the verge of positioning our brands for maximum awareness. In a season where there is a new viral challenge every other week, our cocoons provide us with a prime opportunity to tailor our digital messages to engage targeted audiences and emerge as a strong presence in the mind of consumers. 


Here’s a start to revamping and maximizing your digital presence: 

  1. Identify the key messaging you want to convey. Many people hire a consulting firm to aid in developing a social media strategy. In deciding on your messaging, be sure to completely understand your target audience. This will help you decide which platforms to dedicate your time to, develop a posting schedule, and understand your brand’s voice. Using this breakdown of your audience, decide on the content that appeals to your audience.

  2. Reevaluate your current content to ensure it fits your updated messaging. Take time to reevaluate your current content based on your research. Make sure your content fosters relationships with your consumers, and not just attracting another follower. Remember, the key is ENGAGEMENT. All your content should get to the point, and your presence should be known. All your consumers should be one click away from being a long-time follower. Update your bio to fit your messaging and tell your story in two sentences or less. Remember to use the links in your bios for promotion.

  3. Key in on engagement. This is a prime opportunity for you to use your social media to connect with your followers. The social-sphere is always on the hunt for the newest challenge or heart-felt viral story. Pay attention to the current social climate, take into account what is trending. Take advantage of your consumers being in the house and use your content to distract them from their new normal. Live stories on Instagram and Facebook are also ways to engage with followers whether you are sharing a favorite playlist, details on how to do something or hosting an open forum, your consumers are looking for information.

  4. Stay active, and lean toward images in times of uncertainty. This is a time where your content should always be fresh and inviting. Few people are willing to take the time to read a lot of content when they are scrolling, so make sure your video or photo is enough to leave your consumer seeking more. Make sure you are strategic with the images you are posting, and they are appealing to your audience. If you have the ability to edit and enhance your image or video, don’t hesitate. Don’t hesitate to outsource or pay for tools that will aid in social scheduling and automated content. Also, get creative with re-purposing your social content so you are not always trying to start from scratch with a new campaign.

When attacking your social media strategy, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a foolproof formula for the perfect social media presence. The best approach is to research different tactics and consult with the experts to piece together strategies that encourage optimal engagement with your consumers. At the end of it all, your social media presence should be an authentic representation of the messages you want to convey to your desired audience. 

Stay busy, stay home and happy quarantining!

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