3 PR Tips for the Working Woman


Let’s face it in today’s digital landscape we are constantly put on a stage. Are you always putting your best digital foot forward? Your personal brand is a vital tool when navigating the workforce especially with corporations checking out profiles prior to scheduling an interview. Check out these three tips to get your brand on the right track! 

Be Confident 

Channel your inner Olivia Pope. Do you recall how fierce Olivia Pope looked in that killer white suit, ready to take on the next crisis? Channel that energy and bring it to your next opportunity. Confidence does not mean arrogance; it shows that you are aware of your capabilities. Whether you are delivering a pitch or presentation–own it and give it your all! You work hard and deserve to be proud of what you have accomplished. 

Know Your Numbers

There is something impressive about knowing your numbers. It not only shows that you mean business but that you know the power of data. Highlighting your numbers helps quantify and measure your results which immediately sounds more impactful and validates your success. Which sounds better? “I was able to grow our social media following and engagement” or “I was able to grow our social media account by 15 percent while increasing engagement by 35 percent”. You got it. As Jay-Z says “Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie”. 

Be Authentic 

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to shine. Good work speaks for itself and won’t need a “spin” so make sure your online presence should reflect your offline. There should not be a major disconnect between who you are in person versus what you share online. By being authentic you possess one of the key factors to having a strong brand – you want to be likable and relatable. 

Keep the fluff to a minimum, quantify your results and tilt your head up to show you got this! Are you interested in more marketing and branding tips? Join our newsletter list for all the latest in Communications and Events! 

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