5 Ways We Can Make the Workplace Better for Black Women Starting This Minority Mental Health Awareness Month


Going to work should not bring on a sense of dread or fright, but for so many employees, that is a reality. On a daily basis, employees are silenced, overworked and belittled, which makes for a hostile work environment, but that does not have to be the case. We can create and enact policies that foster an inclusive work environment.

I remember being laughed at by an older white male CEO who basically said a millennial Black woman wasn’t a CEO or business owner and the role was regulated for Fortune 500 executives. I felt so defeated but decided to research and found that the workforce was made up of almost 50% women yet only 25% were in leadership and less than 10% in C-Suite with just 2% being women of color by his standards. I already thought his definition was antiquated but I knew we needed a greater shift – a cultural shift for sure so I created The C-Suite Is Calling Members Club. Our group aims to see an increase in female leadership in the next 10 years by creating a more inclusive environment. Here are 5 ways to create a more inclusive environment:

  1. Establish clear boundaries for work hours to prevent burnout
  2. Set Policies that promote Flexibility for Caregivers & Parents
  3. Cultivate a workplace that is inclusive and empowers/ supports women
  4. Be open to being a mentor
  5. Having Men allies/ supporters

Join our Members Club and receive our bi-weekly newsletter for free Resources, access to mentors and more: https://boguesgroup.com/c-suite-club/

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