Summer Intern Spotlight: Arielle Kilgore



Arielle Kilgore is on her journey to become a great writer and leave her mark n the sports industry. She first learned about BCG through a college course. Since starting with BCG, Arielle has acquired many skills to develop her own brand. “BCG keeps me very organized and I like some of the systems they use, so I apply it to my job with the yearbook and also editing outside of the internship. I’ve learned more about social media content creation and how to brand and email different forms of content.”


The internship is at the forefront of her life right now and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she says there is nothing that can prevent her from giving it her all. “BCG is different because this is my first role in PR and marketing. When I’m not working for BCG, I edit videos or make effects for people. This position is a challenge that I need and like.”

Challenges allow an individual to be stretched in order to grow, especially when entering a new field. For Arielle, this challenge involves one of her favorite interests: sports. When asked what attracted her to BCG, Arielle answered “Mostly the connection to the sports world and the clients they work with. I also like what Brittney represents.”

Arielle is working to achieve big goals. With plenty of women dominating the sports industry in journalism, she aims to leave her own mark. “In five years, I see myself reporting or making a documentary about LeBron’s legacy in basketball while I continue to run my website as a female sports writer. I want to be happy with whatever I do and know that everything I did, prepared me for where I want to be.”

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