Summer Intern Spotlight: Kayla Diallo


Kayla Diallo is a Spring 2020 graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, where she earned a degree in journalism and mass communication with a concentration in multimedia. Kayla is from Richmond, Virginia.

During a multimedia seminar course, Kayla learned about the opportunity with BCG. Her professor advised that a consulting route might pique her interest the most. She was delighted to discover that BCG was owned by a Black woman.

“It’s so empowering. It’s inspiring,” she said. “To work for someone that’s young, black, and a woman, it’s amazing. It’s the best experience ever.”

Kayla hopes to learn more about the behind-the-scenes work that public relations is not typically recognized for, such as the process in building connections, branding a business, and how to increase someone’s publicity. She is looking forward to everything this new journey will entail. “I am very grateful for this experience and very honored to have been chosen for this experience. I look forward to establishing connections and networks that I can tap into beyond this summer.”

When meeting Kayla, one of the first things that can be noticed is her contagious energy and positive attitude. She feels one of her best qualities is her ability to maintain a positive mindset in all situations.

Kayla has used her past experiences to shape her into who she is today. She is most proud of the woman that she’s become. She takes pride in being someone that’s understanding and does her best to make her peers feel comfortable.

Professionally, she is most proud of “Twenty & Odd” a film she co-produced as an intern for National Park Service. The film explores the “trauma, resilience, and beauty of the African American experience in our country,”

(“”Twenty & Odd” | Exploring 400 years of the African American Experience”)

Having the opportunity to produce a diverse, unique piece that was unlike the National Park Service’s typical work was an honor for her. She was able to travel and document her overall experience, which has inspired her to pursue film making.

“I want to be known for being an advocate for the truth and being an advocate for black people,” says Diallo.

She believes the system, whether related to education, politics, housing, or justice, could improve. She wants to eliminate typical black stereotypes and personas that are received and tell more stories that uncover the truth and empower African Americans in the process.

In the next few years, Kayla plans to establish her brand and have her own production company. Personally, she hopes to learn more about herself as a person and dive deeper into her purpose on this earth.

“My understanding of my purpose is that I was created to create,” said Diallo. “ I was created to tell the story of those that don’t typically have their story told.”

Diallo’s journey will continue in August, as she moves to Dallas, Texas, on assignment for Teach for America. There, she will be teaching elementary level students. Being that she also loves kids, she is excited to see what this future will hold.


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