Summer Intern Spotlight: Marisa Comer



Marisa Comer

North Carolina State A&T University

Marisa Comer is a talented rising senior at North Carolina A&T State University studying Journalism and Mass Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism.

The Greensboro, NC native has been involved in numerous activities on campus, most notably on the Public Relations team for Fashion X-cetera, a fashion design organization and lead reporter for The Culture section of The A&T Register, the campus news publication. Comer also served as the Multimedia Assistant for The Register where she curated video content.

When she’s not creating stories highlighting black businesses and other things going on around Greensboro, you can find Marisa helping fellow Aggies as a Resident Assistant.

“I’m dedicating my senior year to Fashion X-cetera, being a resident assistant and creating my own content,” Comer said.

One of Marisa’s long term goals is to work for herself as an entrepreneur with a business surrounding her many different interests, ranging from videography to makeup. “My dreams of working for myself are fueled by watching my sister run her own food blog.”

Comer found this internship with BCG through a “mock interview” assignment. After researching the businesses in the list her professor compiled, she decided BCG aligned best with her journalism goals. This is her first internship and loves working virtually from any location. “It’s a huge learning experience.”

Getting a peek behind the public relations curtain and the ability to work with the office of the CEO have been vital to Comer’s summer internship experience. Marisa draws inspiration from seeing people around her accomplish great things. “It helps motivate me to reach my own goals,” she stated. “I want to make an impact of my own, but I will never deny help. This experience is helping me pinpoint the direction I want to take my creative pursuits and outline the steps required to get there. I’ve learned that marketing my work is a major key to success in this industry.”

Outside of creating engaging media content, Marisa is a self-proclaimed professional Amazon shopper: “I can find anything on the site.” She is also a huge makeup and beauty fanatic. During the pandemic, Marisa has learned to do her own acrylic full set, which is no easy feat.

We are so happy to have such a creative force among the BCG interns this summer and look forward to seeing how Marisa has developed over the course of the internship.


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