Top 5 Branding Mistakes You Want to Avoid


Your brand is how your company appears to consumers. It involves the tone of your copy (informational, conversational, etc.) and the visual imagery you put out. Marketing your brand establishes and grows a relationship between your company and consumers. Brand marketing highlights the entirety of the brand, instead of an individual product or service.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to building a brand, and it can be easy to get off on the wrong foot. Here are 5 branding mistakes you want to avoid when starting off.

Writing Bad Copy

Your copy or text is the tool you use to persuade consumers to care about, and ultimately use you and/or your product. Hook your audience with a good graphic, but engage them with amazing copy!

Establish a brand voice that you will use to speak to your audience through your copy. Will you be informational, casual, or somewhere in between?


Photo of white calendar with red push pin

Consistency refers to a few different things across your brand.

First, be consistent in your brand voice and keep the same general tone across your copy. Inconsistency in your copy can cause confusion when it comes to your brand’s image.

Second, post regularly! Keeping a posting schedule helps keep your brand in people’s line of sight, allowing them to become familiar with your brand.

Colors and logos should stay consistent, too! This helps people instantly/quickly recognize your company.

Relying on Trends

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Trends are great for fun and quick content, but they shouldn’t be the bread and butter of your feed.

Establish a brand foundation while using trends for extra content and to elicit engagement.

Not Identifying Your Audience

Person in a brown suit holds a card that says, "Who is your audience?"

You have this great idea for a product or service, but who is it ultimately for?

You have to know who your audience is in order to effectively market to them.
Where are they?
How old are they?
What do they do?
What do they need?
Why do they need you?!

These are things you should think about when building the foundation of your brand and creating content to get your name out there. You want your image to land in the right places!

Not Knowing When to Get Help!

Woman in black sits at a desk holding a tablet. She is smiling and leaning forward toward a woman in a pink sweater sitting across from her.

Not everyone has the inherent know-how when it comes to branding, and that’s okay!

You can get branding guidance from people who have done the legwork of understanding branding and marketing. This help can range anywhere from a simple consultation to get you headed in the right direction or to completely off-loading your brand work. The great part about off-loading tasks within your business is that you free up time and energy to put into other ideas.

Don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it!

If you’ve been struggling and are ready to get help with your brand, check out The Complete Brand Builder Workbook!

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