Using Instagram to Bolster Your PR Efforts



Communications experts have long raved about the use of Twitter to amplify public relations messaging. In regards to simple news releases and announcements, Twitter will always reign as king. But what about Instagram? When it comes to visualizing your message or brand, it is the ideal landing spot for your content. Let’s chat about how to get Insta-savvy in your public relations planning.

Game Plan!

Content planning starts with a solid game plan. Using a steady mixture of photos, videos and reels will give your audience various glances at your brand. While having different forms of content are important, it’s also critical they have a cohesive look. Pick a filter and color scheme and stick with it. Part of your game plan should also address your brand voice. Is it playful? Serious? Each post should have the feel that the same person is writing it. Addressing your target audience and identifying key dates important to your brand, for example “Back to School” if you’re a Mom or the Super Bowl if you’re in sports or betting will help in capturing your target audience’s attention, plan ahead, and tap into relevant, timely and trending topics.

Using Insta Posts to Enhance PR Pitches

When it comes to positioning influencers and industry experts for media appearances, Instagram posts and reels are a terrific way to “humanize” the pitch. Personally, I love utilizing this approach while pitching television networks. It gives producers an opportunity to physically see and watch what they are signing up for. Many shows will inquire about social media followers before booking the guest so this another way to showcase your client’s reach. Make sure the post is highly-engaged with and aligns with key messages they’re trying to convey. Tired of sending the standard “Just following up” email? Use a creative Instagram post to re-engage with the reporter.

Engaging with Media on Insta

Speaking of engaging with reporters, Instagram is a terrific platform to make connections with the media. Unlike Twitter where users need to accept messages from followers, Instagram is more user-friendly in its direct messaging capabilities. I always make sure to follow the reporter before sending a message as courtesy. Bolster your DM with a prior story or Instagram post or reel on your brand to further entice reporters. Amplify any news coverage by using link.tree to post any media hits in your bio link. Take photos and video of media appearances to share on your feed or chronicle the day on your story and be sure to tag the media outlet and/or reporter.

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