When Do You Need a Business Coach?


by Brittney Bogues


Consulting is more than giving advice

Across every industry – whether a non-profit, small business or Fortune 500 – you’ll encounter a similar problem. It’s a universal constant and unavoidable issue – most organizations that consist of multiple individuals working together, with the interest of making money or contributing to society, are going to run into business issues. What happens if those issues are outside of the organization’s scope of work or available resources to address? 

This is when reaching out to a consulting firm can be useful, especially a firm that offers one-on-one coaching in the area of expertise you need. At Bogues Group we offer one-on-one coaching services in the areas of marketing, public relations, and business development. Our firm is composed of expert individuals who have more than 35+ years of combined experience. 

You might be wondering – how do I know when I’m ready to work with a consulting firm or business coach? Or, I’m prepared to work with a firm, what do I need to start? When working with a consulting firm you’re not only getting advice but also clear strategies and action items that focus on organizational/ personal change. In addition to this change, you save valuable time that would have been spent on internally fixing the problem that now can be focused on adapting to a new way of business. Bottomline consultants and coaches are invaluable to businesses because of their ability to give an outside expert opinion. 

How do I know I’m ready?

Has your business or organization has repeatedly hit the same roadblock and after numerous attempts to remedy the issue nothing has changed? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all internal resources to address an issue? This is the best time to connect with a consulting firm and/or business coach to help find a solution. By connecting with a coach, you can leverage their expertise and ability to provide a new perspective on what may seem like a hopeless problem.

DSC_0140 2.png

At Bogues Group, one of our recent clients was looking for marketing support and assistance to transform their in-person procedures into digital experiences. Before kicking off any project, as a team, we identify which team member has the expertise to tackle each of the client’s needs, listen to the client’s goals, and curate a custom plan accordingly.  This ensures that the team member with the strongest skill set is matched with the right tasks while also clearly outlining goals and expectations.

As the client, your first step is to identify the specific area of need for your organization and then research coaching firms that specialize in that issue or industry. Once you have a list of needs, select 2 – 3 firms to meet with and determine which one is the best fit for not only your goals but the personality of your organization. To ensure a great start for your first meeting, check out the list below and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest business and marketing tips

Checklist for your first meeting

  1. Identify your goals 

  2. Plan a budget 

  3. Keep a journal 

  4. Be prepared to be challenged

  5. Expect change 

Don’t let minor issues turn into huge problems, and don’t let huge problems ruin your business. Contact us today to learn more about coaching services, and set your business up for success.

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