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Muggsy Bogues’ Journey as the Shortest NBA Legend to Mentor for Future Generations Alongside His Daughter

NEW YORK, NY, – Playmakers HQ partnered with the Bogues family to share an in-depth look into the remarkable life, achievements, and the several components that make up basketball legend Muggsy Bogues. Muggsy Bogues recounts his extraordinary journey, providing an intimate peek at the challenges he faced along the way as the shortest to ever play.

In the 76 years of basketball, there have only been 4,706 players to play the sport. Bogues, dubbed the Godfather of Smallball, has influenced future generations of ball players, and his story of overcoming personal triumph resonates with the everyday person. The exclusive features never before shared stories about his career, his late sister who started his basketball journey, and one of his proudest accomplishments: working alongside his daughter for the past 10 years, Brittney, as the NBA Father-Daughter duo. “Originally I was not even interested in social media or branding but with the push of my daughter, I have seen not only how powerful of a tool it can be but also how lucrative from a business perspective, when you remain authentic to your brand. Brittney and her team have been instrumental throughout the journey, because let’s be honest, I would not know where to begin admittedly,” says Bogues.

Amassing close to 1 million followers and averaging 17 million impressions a month for the past ten years, this duo has meant serious business. Brittney launched her PR & events agency, Bogues Group five years ago, which handles Muggsy’s brand, other businesses along with their namesake foundation. The Foundation’s vital work with underserved families aims to fight food insecurity with their national food partner Food Lion and through workforce development by way of their annual scholarship program for vocational-bound students from local community colleges, only one of its kind in the region. To learn more about this duo and the foundation visit

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The Muggsy Bogues Family Foundation’s mission is to empower underserved youth and families to improve their quality of life through food security, access to education, and workforce development. We envision equitable, thriving communities where everyone has a shot at a better life.

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