Do you know how many people spend valentines alone?


We all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  One of the purest forms of love is giving.  Giving is a love language and one during the holidays is appreciated by those in need since they are often overlooked.  I challenge you to seek to be selfless and see what happens when generosity becomes your Valentine.  Getting out of your comfort zone for the day will spark fulfillment and excitement making it a forever memorable February 14th!

Be a Time over Tithe volunteer during February’s love month.  Bring your date and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Show your love for The Relatives where they believe every child deserves a safe place to sleep and a fighting chance to make it.  You can volunteer your time at Charlotte Family Housing helping the homeless with vital everyday essentials that would mean much more than chocolates and heart pillows.

There are numerous opportunities to help give back and send love to those who may need the extra smile. The Time over Tithe Campaign kicks off February 3rd to raise awareness for Charlotte Family Housing and The Relatives with a volunteer drive. Help us reach our goal of getting 50 people to sign up to be a volunteer. You will not only make new Valentine’s Day traditions but you will also earn a chance at winning an AMAZING prize to share with family or friends!  In 2019 over 1.8 million people volunteered 400,000 hours of their time which equates to 3 million dollars.

Make both your Valentine’s Day and the entire month of February a time when you pour from your heart and share your generosity!  Did you know, 47.3% or 115.78 million Americans spend Valentines alone.  This year they don’t have to and can make a difference in someone else’s life by joining the Time Over Tithe campaign. Hope to see you there and for more information visit


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